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How to Order the St Louis County Code Inspection On-Line
Below is step by step instructions on how to apply on-line for the St Louis County Code Inspection. When you get to their application page, it might seem scary at first. But if you follow each step listed here, it should take less than 5 minutes. If you get to the county website and start to feel uncomfortable with the on-line application, then just ask for me to order it for you. Then sometime prior to closing, please reimburse me for the $80 fee. If your property is not vacant, I will need to know if you plan to attend the inspection appointment as required, or if you would like for me to do so. Attendance is not required on vacant properties, but if you want to attend anyway, please let me know and I will enter your name and phone number for the inspector to call from 7am to 8am. Otherwise I will indicate that access will be by lockbox on the vacant property.
To start the on-line application yourself, you will first have to register for a Free Citizen Account, which means simply creating a user name and password before you can begin. The last step will be to enter credit card information for payment, so have your card number ready. If you are needing me to attend the inspection as your property is not vacant, when you get to #9) Step 3 – ASI below, you will need to enter my name and phone number, instead of yours, as the person whom the inspector should call from 7am to 8am. To start the on-line application, click below. The website should open in a new tab so you can easily refer back to this instruction page.
Once on their website click >>>   Residential Re-Occupancy Permits  Then you’ll see…

Please Login

New Users

If you are a new user you may register for a free Citizen Access account. It only takes a few simple steps and you’ll have the added benefits of seeing a complete history of applications, access to invoices and receipts, checking on the status of pending activities, and more.


Register Now  < — Click on this light blue colored link on the webpage. THEN….

1) You will have to check the box to accept their General Disclaimer.  Then click Continue Registration.
2) You will have to enter all the Account Information* in the fields displayed.  Make sure to write down your User Name and Password created, or you might forget it! Then click Continue Registration at the bottom.

*Name, email, address, phone numbers, create a password.
Then you should see:   Confirm message Your account has been successfully created.  You may log in and begin using the site.

3) Then at the top right, Click Log-In and enter your User Name and Password you just created.
4) Once you are logged in, you will see:  What would you like to do today?
     Under Residential Re-Occupancy Permits, click Create a Permit.
5) On the next screen, you will again have to check the box to accept their General Disclaimer.  Then click Continue Application
6) You will then be asked to select a record type:  Select:  NP Residential – Re-Occupancy and then click Continue Application>
(NP = Neighborhood Preservation) Near the top of the application page, you will see these Five Steps:

7) Step 1 – APO (American Post Office) this is simply a search page to find your property.
Enter your:   Street Number, and the First 3 to 5 letters of Street Name.   (No need to select a Unit Type)
THEN CLICK THE Search BUTTON located right below Unit Type
    After clicking Search, you will see that you are still on the same webpage.
Scroll Down on the webpage. Fields under Parcel Information Lookup should now be populated.
    And under Owner Information you should see the owner’s name.
Upon seeing the correct owner’s name, Click Continue Application at the BOTTOM of the page.

 You are now on Step 2 – Applicant. You should be able to check the box “Auto Fill With” by selecting your name from the drop down window. Otherwise fill in the fields. Then click Continue Application at the bottom of the page.

9) You are now on Step 3 – ASI.  Under Type of Structure, select a choice in the drop down window.

(Condo or Single Family or Multiple Family)
A notice in red will appear to inform you of the fee – $80.
Then under Reason for Change of Occupancy, select “Sale” in the drop down window.
Then check “Yes” or “No” for Rental Property.  Typically you will answer No.
You do NOT need to enter the Waste District nor Occupancy Load on this page.
    Be sure to enter “Comments for the Inspector” lower down the webpage….

Comments for the Inspector – if you want to meet the inspector yourself, even when attendance is not required on a vacant property, enter your name and phone as the person to call. If you want me to attend the inspection for you (for an occupied property only), enter my name here (instead of your name) as the person to call, along with my phone number 314-524-7883. Upon being called by an inspector, I will inform you of the inspection date we set.
I don’t attend the inspection on a vacant home – we will use a combination lockbox for access and I will retrieve the report by the next day which will be left on the kitchen counter. If you’re not attending either, then type or copy and paste the following into the window near the bottom of this webpage under:  Comments for the Inspector
Vacant, lockbox combo = xxxx. Please call {your name & phone} to inform me of the inspection date.
(I will give you the combo code. Once the inspector has called you, please email me the date of the inspection if you would like for me to retrieve the report.)

You do not need to enter names under Occupant/Tenant Names.
Then click Continue Application at the bottom.

 You are now at Step 4 – Review.  Scroll down the page to review and verify all the information is correct.  If so, then click Continue Application at the bottom.

 You are now at Step 5 – Pay Fees.  The fee amount will be displayed.  The click Continue Application at the bottom. On the next screen, you will have to enter your credit card information.

12) Upon Step 6 – Record Issuance, print or save this to your computer.  You are done!  An inspector will call (you or me) within 1-3 days between 7am and 8am to schedule the appointment date. Make a note of your Record Number shown on the Record Issuance, which will look something like: 14NPR-15689. This is sometimes needed to reference the inspection order.

If you don’t meet the inspector on your vacant property, please let me know if you intend to retrieve the report from the property so I don’t make a wasted trip, and then please provide me with a copy.  Or please let me know that you would like for me to retrieve the report and inform me of the inspection date. I will email you a clear copy.